Whats The Good Woof

So   hello  people  of  the  world  and other  worlds  I  am  here  today  to  tell you about   dog  sounds  so  what  if  your  dog  whimpers  you  have   no  idea what  that  means  well that   means  your  dog  got  hurt  and  you  should  take   your  dog  to  the  vet  and   if  your  dog  barks  for  no  reason  and  your  outside  and  you  don’t  see anything  then  your  dog  just  sniffed  something  and  it must,ve been  an animal  well   this was  Emma with  your  doggy  news.


10 thoughts on “Whats The Good Woof

    1. My dog is sometimes very aggressive when she sees other dogs and gets shy around new people she also gets very jealous when she sees me or my dad petting another dog but usually she is very calm exept when she goes on walks. She likes playing and loves food.Blossom is diffrent from other dogs because she was a sweet shy little dog who blossomed like a flower and wasn’t so shy anymore thats how she got her name they thought she would blossom with her new family and I forgot 1 thing she likes going through our trash when we’r not there.


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